“Where Are We“ this week: WEBSTER GROVES

Anna Dougherty

In the early 1800's an area 10 miles southwest of Saint Louis was known as the Dry Ridge by fur trappers and the Osage and Dakota tribes. As part of a Spanish land program, 6,002 acres was granted to the last Spanish Lieutnenat governor, Charles de Hautte Delassus. The land grant covered what is now Webster Groves.

Located on the Pacific Railroad line, Webster Groves proved to be a prime suburban development opportunity, giving urban residents a quieter, safer alternative to city living.

In 1892 the developers of Webster Park, an affluent community that would soon become the City Of Webster Groves, offered residents housing options in a country-like atmosphere and a swift commute to downtown Saint Louis. Currently, More than 300 of the community's homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today Webster boasts tree-lined neighborhoods filled with century-old homes, a thriving business community, and excellent schools. A perpetual calendar of cultural offerings, cozy restaurants, and boutiques are just a few of the amenities available.

A Few Notable people from Webster

  • Bob Cassilly (1949–2011), artist and founder of the City Museum
  • David Clewell (born 1955), Poet Laureate of Missouri
  • Phyllis Diller (1917–2012), comedian
  • Clay Felker (1925–2008), co-founder of New York magazine

For more information about this neighborhood and to see available listings in this area, visit our website:https://gladysmanion.com/neighborhoods/webster-groves


Can you guess what neighborhood we'll feature next?! Drop your guesses in the comments below & we’ll see you next Wednesday to see if you guessed right!

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