Gladys Manion Real Estate Welcomes New Agents

Anna Dougherty

Gladys Manion, Inc. is pleased to welcome six new agents to its real estate team: Kent Ham, Kris Johnson, Christopher M. Klages, Rebecca Sabatino, Flora Peery Spoeneman, and Madison Sullivan.

Kent Ham studied finance and insurance at the University of Oklahoma and brings a highly motivated and fresh perspective to his real estate clients.

Kent Ham C:314.250.9772 |

Kris Johnson was born and raised in the St. Louis area and has a robust understanding of St. Louis and its surrounding counties.  She currently resides in Kirkwood and is increasingly involved in her community with her three active children. With a background in event planning, fundraising, and catering, Kris combines her tremendous organization and communication skills to ensure her clients and peers are properly informed while maintaining optimal punctuality.  She combines her energy and ability to connect with her clients to ensure that they all find the perfect fit in their home buying and selling process.

Kris Johnson C: 314.280.8996 |

Originally from St. Louis, Christopher M. Klages has a good understanding of St. Louis’ neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Chris graduated from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) with a degree in Finance and Marketing in 2017. He spent the first few years after graduation as an Accountant for a large Event and Travel company where he worked directly with Fortune 500 Clients and Executives to make certain every detail was up to the highest standard. Chris is also a member of Angels’ Arms Junior Board where his primary goal is to spread the mission of Angels’ Arms throughout St. Louis.

Christopher M. Klages C:314.445.8220 |

Rebecca Sabatino, being a lifelong resident of St. Louis, Rebecca has a strong knowledge of the various local neighborhoods and communities. As a small business owner in the St. Louis area for over a decade, Rebecca has spent her time building relationships in the community. Since first starting in the Real Estate industry, she has served dozens of clients and families, meeting all of their real estate goals.

Rebecca Sabatino C:314.258.1775 |

Flora Peery Spoeneman was born and raised in the central corridor of St. Louis and acquired a comprehensive understanding of the private schools and public school districts throughout the St. Louis area. She excels in organizational skills and fine details, visual representation and project execution. Over the past decade, her keen eye for design and esthetics prompted her to work behind the camera as a set stylist for a variety of reality shows and numerous photoshoots. Her career path organically transitioned into esthetic development, working with luxury resorts, boutique retailers, eventually advanced her into real estate.

Flora Peery Spoeneman C:314.799.4919 |

Madison Sullivan became a licensed real estate agent in 2021 during a COVID-19 related leave of absence from her job as a flight attendant with American Airlines. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 2016 with a double major in marketing and business management. Madison has lived in Tuscaloosa, Washington, D.C., Nashville, Chicago and recently landed in Saint Louis in 2020. In her free time, Madison enjoys traveling to the various wine regions in France, cheering on the Alabama football team, and ordering oysters from every restaurant where she can find them on the menu.

Madison Sullivan C:205.764.8814 |

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