How will this robust residential market impact your 2021-2022 property taxes?

St. Louis County is anxious to capitalize on the low housing inventory and the low interest rate environment driving housing prices higher this past year. Although the appeal deadline is in July, the assessor is posting values on the Internet, and soon they should be sending out 2021 residential notices. Per statute, if the county raises a home value 15% or higher than the previous value (in 2019), the county is required to send a special notice in the form of a postcard asking the homeowner if they want an interior inspection performed. This protocol was in response to a change in the law when drive-by assessments were criticized many years ago.

If you’re interested in assistance with the appeal process, we would be happy to connect you with a company we work with. We have found them to be highly effective and offer a reasonable rate. For more information please call me at 314.280.4755.

Stafford Manion

President, Gladys Manion, Inc.

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