Four Trends to Level Up Your Patio

Four Trends to Level Up Your Patio

All of this spring weather has us looking forward to relaxing outside. Whether you are looking to upgrade your space for your enjoyment or trying to tempt prospective buyers, here are four major trends to make your outdoor rooms look fresh for the season ahead.

Smart Home Features for Outdoor Spaces

Wiring your outdoor spaces for smart home features like televisions and speakers means you can enjoy your patio anytime. Whether you want to sit on your deck and watch the game or relax with a glass of wine on the veranda, having easy access to electricity will upgrade any space.

Present a Cohesive Feel Inside to Out

Your outdoor spaces are extensions of your home, and they should reflect that with design continuity. Not everything has to match, but indoor and outdoor rooms should flow into each other like your interior spaces. You can achieve this with everything from fabric to flooring. Many trendy home and garden stores offer great products designed for both.

Hospitality-Inspired Upgrades

We all want the ability to entertain friends and family outdoors. These upgrades can make any outdoor space functional and welcoming: outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or fire pits, wet or dry bars to serve food and drink, and water features from pools to fountains.

Don't Forget the Greenery

Just like bringing the indoors out, be sure to also bring nature in from the yard. Various potted plants, trees, living walls, and natural accents can make your outdoor living space feel like an extension of your garden or a natural getaway to relax, and isn't the whole point to enjoy the great outdoors while you can?

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